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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring Company

1. How are you different from any other recruiting company screening for the hiring company?
We work with domain experts in each area who provide us their services of screening candidates in their respective fields. So a java candidate is screened by a Java expert and a capital market BA will be screened by a domain expert.

2. Can I hire candidates directly from you?
We specialize in screening and we work with you directly to find out your requirements. For the final placement we work with our strategic partners or one of your preferred vendors.

3. So do you charge us or the vendor?
In most cases we charge vendors for our services, but if you want us to just screen for you without involvement of any vendors then the contract will be signed with your company. Please contact us for more details.

Recruitment Agencies

4. I am a vendor and looking for screened candidates, how does it work?
We request a call with your client to understand their requirements ourselves. But in case that is not possible, we request to provide as much details as possible and we provide you the candidates best suited for the job. Please contact us for more details.

5. Do you charge us per resume or per successful placement.
We have both the models available and are very flexible in structuring a contract per your needs. Do reach out and we can discuss further.

Domain Experts

6. How do you select your domain experts?
We have a very stringent criteria to select our screentalites. Minimum experience to qualify is 10 years in the respective domain and have experience in conducting interviews.

7. Can I become your domain expert?
Reach out to us via contact us providing your LinkedIn profile and we will reach out to qualifying applicants.


8. How much do you pay to the domain experts?
Experts do get paid for their services per screening. There are different models for payout which you can choose from if selected.


10. What's in there for me?
All resumes submitted through our websites go through a preliminary screening and selected ones are then scheduled for a 20-30 minutes screening round. Your interviewer will then provide us your feedback, and based on your rating your resume will become available to 100s of recruiters and hiring managers in the Toronto and Halifax area. And this can be a great prepping tool for you.

11. Will I receive my feedback?
You will receive your rating but not the feedback. You can buy your feedback from us though.

12. What if I didn't fare well in the screening round?
It will have no negative impact on your profile. We will just not feature your resume till you come back to improve your rating.

13. How can I make sure that I will be contacted for the screening, disrespective of preliminary resume screening?
You can pay to get screened and use this as your preparation and improvement with the bonus of getting visibility to the hiring companies

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